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We are the Florida’s Top Credit Repair Company serving clients nationwide and specializing in the Advanced 605b Credit Blocking Method & 1681g Unverified Factual Blocking 


We are headquartered in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we provide Premium Credit Repair Services for all needs and budgets with our payment plan solutions.

We DO NOT do template disputes like other Leading Credit Repair Organizations, instead we use the powerful Credit Blocking & Factual Verification CUSTOM SERVICE METHODS to permanently delete negative or inaccurate credit items. Our main focus for Credit Repair Services is Focussed around Client’s Results & Customer Satisfaction.

Florida Credit Repair Company’s Premium Services:

Credit Blocking Method (For Qualified Clients Only):

This method is for clients who have accounts on their credit report that they did open or authorize. This method blocks the accounts from reporting on the 3 credit bureaus within 30 days of mailing in majority of cases.

We can help fix:

  • Late payments
  • Inquiries
  • Collections
  • Judgements
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures, and more


  • 30 – 90 Days Average Time for Full Deletions, Majority is within the first 30-60 Days

What is Included:

  • This method includes 2 Submission to the bureaus and after that there will be resubmission fees, mailing fees, and other fees if required to finish the process UNLESS Client joins the RED HAT MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM for $99 per month or has purchased Service Warranty with their Original Package (See Pricing Details Below on Service Warranties Red Hat Membership Options)

Client Responsibilities:

  • Client must sign up with one of the Recommended Credit Monitoring Systems or it will make the process much harder to complete and clean. Other monitoring systems DO NOT allow us to pull a new report When WE NEED to and may charge extra fees and may not be SUITABLE for CREDIT REPAIR. Client must not change Login Credentials without notifying us and should not remove their Credit Card off the file so it doesn’t slow down their repair process, we need to pull a report on our schedule so give client FAST results.

Florida Credit Repair Company’s Factual Verification Services:

Factual Verification Method:

This method includes UNLIMITED NEGATIVE CREDIT ITEMS. Most creditors DO NOT OWN or CANNOT PROVE OWNERSHIP of these accounts or debt, therefore it should legally be removed or client may be entitled to compensation. We use the factual process and prove this debt must be removed legally due to violations by the creditor or client may be able to take further action and hire an attorney and file a law suit, client may be entitled to compensation for violations made by Bureaus & Creditors. Client may choose to file suit against creditor on their own, they may hire council about their claim against a creditor or bureau for violations on their own.

Florida Credit Repair’s RED HAT Members Only Programs:


Available to New Paying Customers, Old Paying Customers, & Brokers Only!

$99 Per Month Service Plan with Clean and Build Programs

$49 Per Month Credit Repair Insurance – Anything pops up, Call us & We’ll keep it Clean!

Terms (6 Months, 12 Months, or Ongoing) Business Affiliate Programs

  • Access to Credit Knowledge
  • At Cost Services with Broker Pricing.
  • Clean & Build, Then Clean & Build Again & Again! And Again!
  • Members Only Exclusive Services Available
  • Custom Services for Your Needs!
  • Credit Repair Insurance – Never Have to Pay for Credit Repair Again $49.99/m


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